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How Does The Belly Off Plan Work?



We hate the word “diet”. This isn’t a diet. This balanced, practical eating plan is going to teach you how to eat better, and to make you an expert in fuelling the high-performance body that you’re building. Don’t worry – you’ll eat well: lots of lean meats and protein, healthy fats and nutritious/good carbs. It’s based on a 90kg man that’s looking to lose up to a kilogram a week, but we’ll show you how to customise the portion size to suit any body weight. To do this, we partnered up with the best in the business: registered dieticians Shelly Meltzer & Associates at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa.



Forget expensive personal trainers and trendy workouts – we’ve got the training plan that will maximise weight loss and build the kind of muscle that gets you noticed. Together with experts at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, we developed this 12-week workout programme using the most effective strength and
cardio exercises to boost your metabolism and maximise fat burn to get you into your best shape ever.

The plan is divided into three phases and accompanied with complete instruction, making it accessible to beginners and regular gym-goers alike.

Why The Belly Off Plan Works?

Science Always

Forget the broscience and the advice you get from the “experts” at the water cooler, we’ve gone to the best training authority in South Africa to get this plan, and SSISA have provided a functional, practical fitness formula that’s guaranteed to work.

Low Injury

The training plan starts with mostly bodyweight work and carefully measured intensity so that you don’t sideline yourself. Use the right technique and follow the instructions carefully and you’ll get through the 12 weeks without a niggle.

Better Life

This is not a short term fix. Both the meal and workout plan are also designed to teach you along the way, so you learn to master what you put into your body, and to show you what it’s capable of doing.

You’ll See

The training plan is fun and the meals are tasty. Simple. It may be a 12 week plan, but we consider it to be filled with a lifetime of lifestyle advice that’ll make you healthier, leaner and happier. You’ll enjoy it too.

Get Started! Only R499!